Poshmark Review + Tips & Tricks

(Image Credit: The Business of Fashion)

​Poshmark is my jam.   I have had a very pleasant experience both buying and selling through the platform.  I started selling actively within the last year with several goals in mind.  I wanted to build upon my “rainy day” emergency fund and get some dang clutter out of my closet.  I’ve also supported other sellers by buying things for special occasions and have been pleased.If you don’t already know what Poshmark is, it’s an app (both desktop & mobile friendly) where users can buy or sell gently used clothing.  There are plenty of other sites out there like it, but I find Poshmark to be the cream of the crop.  I love me some thrift shopping, and Posh is a great way to shop from your couch without having to scour the racks at Goodwill.         


  • Poshmark is meant to be set up as a social media site so it has a “community” feel.  People on Poshmark are Pinterest friendly!  People aren’t concerned about a follower count, so people are more apt to want to follow you.
  • The site is very user friendly.  It is pretty easy to navigate as a seller and as a buyer.  The search system is very streamlined.  The more details you have in a search or a listing, the better.
  • Seller tries to hose you?  Poshmark’s got your back!  Poshmark gives you four days to review your item and whether you receive what was promised.
  • The FAQ has literally anything and everything you would ever need to know.
  • For pay outs, Poshmark gives you the option of check or direct deposit.  Secure direct deposit is what I generally go with.  It is trustworthy, and takes away a lot of hassle.  Account balance usually appears within 4-5 days.  Sometimes even sooner.    


  • Sellers fees.  We get it, Poshmark needs to make a commission to operate.  However, they take a flat fee of $2.95 and for sales of $15 of more, they take 20%.  
  • There is no handy way to enter measurements.  Buyers do generally like to know these.  I’m not the best at posting them, but definitely something I’m trying to do better at!
  • There is no direct message system (yet).  All your conversations/negotiations are all visible for others to see.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Jeans and dresses are what I have found to be one of the best sellers. 
  • If you have an item like a t-shirt that you’re only selling for $5, still post it.  Buyers will often create bundles and put these low ticket items in their bundle.
  • Be patient.  Be sure to stay active while you are waiting for a sale.  Keep sharing and interacting (don’t be overbearing) with other Poshers and you will eventually make a sale!
  • Take measurements.  Vanity sizing does vary, so buyers like to know this info.  Yes, I will try and be better at this 🙂
  • Set fair prices.  I try and be as honest as possible what I paid for an item.  I will set tickets for what I’d really like to get for the item, but I am always flexible when people make an offer.
  • Have a quick response rate.  It is no fun finding an item that you love and adore and don’t hear back from the seller for days about whether it can be yours or not.
  • Communicate with your buyer.  Let them know when you will be shipping, or if there is a delay.  Remember you are selling to other humans and to be respectable when they make a purchase from you.
  • Model clothes.  I usually try and keep my face hidden from photos, but I will model photos even if I look goofy.  People like to see how things sit on a normal person’s figure.
  • Always write a thank you note.  These people trust you and the honor system to make a purchase.  Appreciate them for buying your former loved piece of clothing.
  • Be realistic.  There are plenty of articles online of success stories where sellers made thousands of dollars selling on Poshmark.  This is definitely possible, but keep in mind that the majority of these people originally spent a ton of money to have all their items in the first place.  No judgement, retail therapy is legit! 
  • Don’t stress having perfect photos.  I have seen some nice “blogger quality” photos posted on Posh, but more often than not, people like to see what the item is going to look like in real life lighting.  
  • Last tip, have fun!

Hope these tips help!  If you don’t already have Poshmark, feel free to sign up with my invite code:


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