Underwater Magic: Alexander Springs

I have been to a handful of Springs in Florida, and each one is unique.  Pure enchantment will take over you as you travel to forests and secret places to arrive at one of these mysterious and magical springs.

We were fortunate enough to have a ladies trip earlier in August to FL that included my mom, sisters, aunt, cousin, and spry 90 year old Grandma.  We got to spend part of a day and have a family picnic at Alexander Springs in Ocala National Forest.

Alexander Springs has multiple spring vents under a limerock ledge that discharge clear and nearly constant 72 degree water.  This particular park isn’t terribly crowded compared to some of the others, and has a nice calm swimming pool to be enjoyed.

There are opportunities for hiking, picnicking, bird watching, swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA!  It is a wonderful place to take a family and/or friends and to get your mind of the stress of daily life.  A thunderstorm rolled in and so we didn’t get to see as much of the Timucuan Trail as we would have liked to, but it is pretty neat that the park has put great efforts into preserving the heritage of one of Florida’s first Native American tribes.

So what is a Spring and how is that water so insanely gorgeous?!  
I highly recommend visiting http://www.floridasprings.org/learn/ and reading all about the springs.  The short version that you will understand after visiting their website is:  Florida has a very extensive series of geologic formations under the surface that contain marine limestone where Florida’s aquifer system occur.  All of the larger springs in FL discharge the ground water from this Floridan aquifer system.

And luckily for us humans, we are gifted a beautiful underwater forest to play in.  Remember that these springs are an important ecosystem that needs to be cherished.  Keep them beautiful by playing responsible!

More information & park location:
Alexander Spring

You may not get Wifi or cell service here, but I promise the Springs will give you a much better connection.


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