Market hopping in Hat Yai, Thailand

Yee Wen’s family organized a taxi ride to take us from Alor Setar, Malaysia to Hat Yai, Thailand for festivals, food, & fun!  Lucky for us, our taxi driver had a pal that worked in immigration so we mayyyy have skipped the line a bit.  Crossing the border made me feel as if I were being herded in a group of cattle on a scorching hot day.  Nonetheless, we made it through border security and I felt high and mighty getting another stamp in my passport.  We switched taxis and made it to our hotel.  We stayed at the Aloha Resort.  It was a nice place and I was impressed with the bellhop.  He sure was hustling in that heat!    

Pineapple everything

I definitely returned to the States a little sweeter after all the pineapple I consumed.  Try pineapple fried rice in Hat Yai because it is bomb.  Let me just tell you, the Thai know how to grow a pineapple.  I had the pineapple of my dreams in Hat Yai!  Sweet, juicy, and oh so very fresh.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  They sell it on the streets out of their little carts and give you a sweet and salty mix to dip it in; it was good but I preferred it plain because it was that tasty.    

Night Market

The night market was colorful, lively, & had everything imaginable when it came to Thai food.  They had two rows of booths where the locals brought the cream of their crops.  There was a seating area so that you could sit down and enjoy what you had picked up if you didn’t want to take it with you.  While we were tasting different things, a group of street performers doing some hip hop dances put on a show for the crowd.  They were quite good and really kept everyone entertained.  The night had cooled down a little bit so there were some pretty large crowds out and about enjoying the evening.  

Floating Market

We fetched a taxi to take us to the market.  This wasn’t your normal taxi, oh no.  We sat in the back seat of a little truck with a covered roof and benches.  The breeze blowing through my hair on a humid night was pure bliss.  Yee Wen being the social butterfly made a new friend from Malaysia on the ride back.  Malaysians will throw in a random English word or so into conversation so I would always try and catch those to decipher what the heck they were talking about.  I loved observing how it was like no one had every met a stranger over there.    

I thought the floating market was so neat!  I kept raving about it to my friends back home.  If you have been to one, I’m sure this wouldn’t have as much of an allure, but it’s awesome for a first timer.  Watching the sunset on the river made for an added plus!  The Klong Hae floating market is mostly just food & drink, but they do have an outdoor market on the hill beside the river where they have a lot of retail items.  Prices are very inexpensive and I loaded up on Hippie pants for various gifts.  They have various demonstrations going on in the vicinity.  When we we there a vendor had a variety of exotic animals.  One of the snakes they had came out of its cage to take a look and the poor kiddos started slowly backing away.  It was harmless though.  It made for an interesting evening to see the snakes, owls, mice, & more in such an informal way! 

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