Poshmark Review + Tips & Tricks

(Image Credit: The Business of Fashion) ​Poshmark is my jam.   I have had a very pleasant experience both buying and selling through the platform.  I started selling actively within the last year with several goals in mind.  I wanted to build upon my "rainy day" emergency fund and get some dang clutter out of my closet.  I've…

DIY: Sea Glass Wrap Bracelet

Several years ago, on a trip back to visit Maine, I was introduced to the sport that is sea glass picking. It's the perfect excuse to grab some friends and head out for a little fresh air and sea admiration. We headed out into Jonesboro, ME into the "mucky muck" to find some special goods. The pieces I picked might not have been your standard jewelry grade, but I still was able to turn my treasures into a rad wrap bangle. As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another's treasure."When I first started college, I began at the University of Maine at Machias. I loved Maine and made amazing memories with great people up there. It will always have a place in my heart, and I'm thankful that I did get to spend two years there. DownEast Maine was where I truly picked up on Artisan jewelry. I had a lot of fun making this bracelet and love what a conversation starter it is.

Malaysia Overview

Malaysia is stocked full of delightful people, gorgeous mountain ranges, crystal clear water, exotic cuisine, and so much more. Shout out to my college roommate and dear friend Yee Wen for the hospitality! Thanks to her and her awesome family I was able to be fully immersed in the culture during a two week visit. There isn’t anything sweeter than catching up with a good friend after not seeing each other for almost two years. Face to face communication really takes the cake in my book. Here is an overview of my favorite activities:

Market hopping in Hat Yai, Thailand

Yee Wen's family organized a taxi ride to take us from Alor Setar, Malaysia to Hat Yai, Thailand for festivals, food, & fun! Lucky for us, our taxi driver had a pal that worked in immigration so we mayyyy have skipped the line a bit. Crossing the border made me feel as if I were being herded in a group of cattle on a scorching hot day. Nonetheless, we made it through border security and I felt high and mighty getting another stamp in my passport. We switched taxis and made it to our hotel. We stayed at the Aloha Resort. It was a nice place and I was impressed with the bellhop. He sure was hustling in that heat!